Title VI is a grant that the Salamanca City Central School District receives from the Federal government to assist in providing services to Native American students in the district. The grant is administered by the SCCSD and works closely with the Title VI Indigenous Parent Committee and the Seneca Nation to maintain compliance for the grant. At SCCSD we offer many supports for our Native American students.

Some of our staff are specifically under the Title VI grant


Two Family School Liaisons
Katie Rogers - Social Worker, Prospect Elementary, Pre-K - 3
Rachael Wolfe - Seneca Youth Council (SYC) & Seneca Youth Dancers (SYD) Advisor

A complete list of staff, services, and programs can be found on the 'Native American Services' on the website.

TITLE VI - Indigenous Parent Committee

Sharon Ray – Chair
Kerry John – Co-Chair
Lisa George – Treasurer
Gerri Jayne Jimerson - Secretary
Tammy Jimerson – Alternate 1
Anthony Stahlman – Alternate 2
Tomara Bowen
Jacqueline Crouse
Rae Lynn George
Sara Isaac
Mindy John
Sydnie John
Cheryl Tome
Tami Watt