Here at SCCSD we off many services for our Native American students.  From language, to culture and higher education, we strive to provide the most opportunities for our students.  Please check the 'Important Dates' for an updated calendar of events.

October 2018

  • On October 5th, the Seneca History class went on their annual trip to tour the Allegany Territory, Faithkeeper School, Men’s ceremonial department, the Kinzua Dam, and the Cornplanter grant. They start the school year out learning about the relocation of the Senecas and this trip is specific in teaching them about that era and the impact it has on the Senecas even today.

  • October 10 – 13 was the NIEA (National Indian Education Association) Annual Conference in Hartford, CT. Rachael Wolfe, Andrea Cooke and Michala Redeye attended.  This is one of the biggest conferences on Indian Education.  There are numerous work sessions covering a variety of topics that we see at SCCSD.  After this conference, we decided to present at next year’s conference to share with Indian Country all the amazing things we do at SCCSD.

November 2018

  • November is Native American Heritage month. Along with educating and spreading awareness of not only Senecas and Hodinosyonih, we honor all Indigenous peoples.

  • On November 20th The Allegany River Indian Dancers performed at all schools.

  • Seneca History field trip to Old Fort Niagara to study post American Revolutions time period in Seneca History.

February 2019

  • We welcomed Perry Ground for a week long experience at Seneca Intermediate.  Perry is an Onondaga storyteller who has been to SCCSD a few times to share his stories with all students.  For this week of February 11-15 Perry met with students in grades 4th - 7th to discuss Life of the Longhouse, Wampum, Cornhusk dolls and Westward Expansion.  It was a very interesting week as we all learned so much!  We are excited to have Perry back regularly!

March 2019

  • March 4th we welcomed SHS Alumni, Lynda Watt Thomas.  Lynda is currently an FBI agent and she shared her journey from high school to where she is now.  We like to bring in SHS alumni to share their journeys to where they are now in their lives including their college, trade school or employment experiences to introduce different opportunities to our students.

  • March 12th & 13th we welcomed Native American, Abenaki, authors Joseph Bruchac and his son, Jesse Bruchac, to Prospect Elementary and Seneca Intermediate.  They shared stories, culture and language.  They were so engaging and funny and our students really enjoyed their visit!  We hope to have them back annually.  

April 2019

  • On April 8th we welcomed Dyami Thomas of the Klamath and Ojibwe tribes to speak to students in 6th and 7th grade and then the high school students.  Dyami is a Native American actor, model and certified suicide prevention counselor.  He had such a positive message to share with our students and he was able to engage them with his message about bullying, self confidence, being kind to one another and be a good person.  He has a lot to share and an awesome message to spread and we hope to have him back in a variety of roles to work with our students.

  • On April 18th we will welcom Frank Waln, Native American (Lakota) hip hop artist, songwriter, producer and activist.  He brings with him the Sampson brothers, Lumhe and Sam Sampson, Native American Hoop Dancers and they share stories of empowerment through music and dance.

May 2019

  • Seneca History will be going on an overnight trip to Ganondagan and the Rochester Museum of Science May 9-10.  Mrs. Wolfe and Mr. Musial have made this an annual and it is truly an amazing experience.  Stay tuned for more information and pictures of their trip.

  • We are very excited to welcome back Dr. Darryl Tonemah after two very unexpected snow days had cancelled his original visit!  Darryl is a psychologist who has worked with SCCSD students and staff numerous times to discuss trauma.  His presentations and workshops are incredibly informative and he has such an engaging presence about him.  Our staff and students have responded so well to him and we are excited to have him meet with our students at Prospect Elementary on Monday, May 13th as well as our community that evening.

    • Monday, May 13th - Dr. Tonemah will meet with students and staff at Prospect Elementary during the day

      • Monday, May 13th - join us for a free spaghetti dinner at 5pm in the HS cafeteria and then a presentation by Dr. Tonemah at 6pm in the HS auditorium

    • Tuesday, May 21st - 4th grade will visit Ganondagan

    • Tuesday, May 29th - 7th grade will visit Ganondagan