Superintendent Message

Hello Warrior Nation, 

There are a great many theories on what will happen with schools for May and June and the Summer of 2020. Right now, we anticipate an announcement from Governor Andrew Cuomo very soon on the remainder of the school year and are hopeful this will provide clarity on our ability to provide some summer programming, staff development and our traditional Welcome Back Picnics. We do anticipate offering our normal summer programs (Driver Ed, Swimming, etc…) and robust professional development but how these programs will look will entirely depend on the NY PAUSE order being lifted.

As of today, SCCSD does not anticipate mandatory summer school for all students. Logistically, operationally and practically, this would be virtually impossible. Absent a new Executive Order, this theory of mandatory summer school for all would seem to be a very creative Urban Legend. We will comply with the Executive Orders from the Governor, and continue to provide instruction, food service and child care supports. Soon and safely, we will begin to return to normal. It will be a new normal but schools will re-open. I will keep you posted and tune in for later announcements (this week) as they are shared by Albany.

Be well & stay safe,

Super Bob

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