Students Build Their Own  Ukuleles During Summer Camp

Seneca Intermediate students had the amazing opportunity over the summer to build and design their own ukulele under the guidance of music teacher, Miss Brooke Skiba, and art teacher, Mrs. Amy Witman. 

The camp was held virtually through Zoom and the Wakelet sharing tool, with the ukulele kits being delivered to students’ homes.

“One thing I really love about working for the Salamanca City School District is the wonderful opportunities we, as educators, are given to design amazing opportunities and experiences for our students.” Mrs. Witman said. “This camp empowered students to create something they really didn’t think was possible. From assembling the instrument, to designing and creating a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art, to finally playing their ukulele, the joy of the creative process instilled a sense of determination and grit to see it through. It was a fulfilling project for all of us!” 

According to Miss Skiba, “This project guided kids into understanding the function of each part of the ukulele and how all parts work together to create the ukulele sound. We even had to figure out the order of the strings based on width, in order to get the tuning correct. This was a unique experience not offered at most schools, and I was proud to be a part of it!” 

Both teachers look forward to creating similar endeavors in the future!