Ski Club Clip Art

Salamanca Ski Club is back!

The 2020-2021 ski season is approaching and we couldn’t be happier to start the process of SCCSD Ski Club Sign Ups!  We feel lucky that skiing takes place in a large, open, and outdoor setting to feel the freedom and exhilaration of carving down the slopes and trails this year.  Holiday Valley has made numerous adjustments in their operations to better protect the health and safety of their guests. 

Ski Club will be open to the first 60 students in grades 4-12 who turn in successfully completed paperwork.

Registration forms can be picked up in the school offices and must be completed and turned back in by 10/30/20.

We anticipate the following dates weather permitting:

  • December 15th
  • January 5th
  • January 12
  • January 19th
  • January 26th
  • February 2nd
  • February 9th
  • February 23rd

We look forward to a safe and enjoyable ski season!

A complete letter to parents and more information can be found on our website Salamanca Ski Club 2020-2021

If you have any questions, please contact: 

Brian Spako
945-5140 ext. 6017 


Tim Schnaufer
945-5170 ext. 7129