Salamanca HS ATM

Salamanca High School has been outfitted with an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).  The machine is located at the front entrance near the gym and auditorium.

Ginger Haley, President and CEO of the CCSE Federal Credit Union, along with high school principal Mr. Chris Siebert and deputy superintendent Dr. Mark Beehler helped to make this goal happen.  

As the accounting teacher, Mrs. Kathy Stevens said: "My intentions are to have students help to balance the ATM. This will provide them with hands-on learning about dual control, balancing, and security procedures."

The Business Department hopes to work with bringing in an on-site bank run by business students to provide further one-on-one knowledge in sales, services, problem solving and growth in their overall knowledge of saving money. 

"The goal is to have students, staff, and community members use CCSE Federal Union services and products offered while learning about banking," Stevens said.