Rileigh Hutchison

Welcome to the 6th Grade Science Spotlight monthly article! The purpose of this article is to highlight grade students who constantly show that they are hard workers and complete their science assignments, are respectful to all, and have an overall STAR student personality.

Through these interviews, we are able to learn a little bit more about the students, and what makes our grade so awesome.

What is your name, and who is your homeroom teacher? My name is Rileigh Hutchison, and my homeroom teacher is Mrs Shriver.

What are your favorite school specials? I like art.

What is your favorite school subject? I like science.

What are two things you like to do outside of school? I play outside, especially in the fall, and jump in big piles of leaves!

Do you have any pets? Yes! I have two pets. “Sevun” (pronounced “7” like the number) and Todd, they are brothers and are both beagles.

Do you have any brothers or sisters? Yes! I have 4 older siblings, and 5 younger siblings.

What is your favorite color? I have 3, actually 4! Orange, black, purple, and white.

Favorite foods? Hmm… mac and cheese I guess.

Do you play any sports? Yes, I want to do the swim team at Salamanca next year when I am in 7th grade.

What is the farthest place you traveled? Bighamton, for an Odyssey of the Mind Competition.

- Submitted by Miss Kostrzewski