Our Warriors Rise To Meet Challenges

Dear Warrior Nation,

I was speaking recently with a group of Superintendent peers from across the country during a break from a virtual training session. Each of us were thousands of miles apart. But strangely we were all feeling it. That overwhelming sense of connectivity. We were discussing how our communities, staff, students, parents were navigating these tumultuous times.  After about 15 minutes of honest, candid discussions, we somewhat simultaneously realized we were all painting a vivid picture of resiliency.  

Overcoming adversity is quite common place these past eight months. We have implemented a new instructional model that nine months ago would have been incomprehensible. The speed in which countless districts “ramped up” aggressive and innovative technology solutions is something that would have made General Dwight D. Eisenhower proud. The implementation of professional development for teachers, administrators, students and parents is simply impressive. The level of awareness of the safety of others is comforting.

Resiliency isn’t easy to come by. To be resilient, one must first be faced with adversity and then work through the difficulties.  It was at this point in our sea to shining sea virtual event that I understood we are making history. A generation of students will be changed. An entire education industry was quite literally transformed overnight and we continue to evolve our profession.

It is clear that this pandemic isn’t over nor will it be free from further, undefined challenges. But what is crystal clear is collectively, individuals throughout our Warrior Nation continue to rise to meet these daunting tasks. When we tell the story of 2020 to our children and grandchildren, we can celebrate common themes of unity, compassion, resolve and fortitude. This is reassuring and comforting.   

I wish each of you a safe holiday season. Let it be one filled with love, joy and peace.


Robert J. Breidenstein