December Terrific Kids at Prospect Elementary

December Kiwanis Terrific Kids

It is so amazing that even during a pandemic when many need to stay home in order to be safe that our children can still find ways to be TERRIFIC.  This month we will be celebrating two children who have demonstrated many features of our Terrific Kid qualifications.  First, we want to acknowledge Lucie Katta from Mrs. Morlock’s class who was given a gift card recently and instead of buying herself something with the money, she decided to buy presents for her family which included her mom, dad, older brother, and his girlfriend, both grandmas, grandpa, and yes even the grandparent’s dog.  She was so happy buying for everyone else that she wanted to be the one to wrap the presents as well! 

Second, we want to take note of Lincoln Rychcik from Mrs. Urbanski’s kindergarten.  Lincoln really cares about other’s feelings.  He enjoys helping around the house and taking care of the animals.  Mom says he loves all animals.  This year for Christmas he is picking out a toy for a child in need and is incredibly excited over it.  It is obvious these two young individuals have huge hearts.  Keep spreading the goodwill you two especially during such difficult times!