Resources for School Communities in Times of Crisis

Dear Salamanca Community,

Below you will find a link to a number of links and other resources that are intended to provide you access to information to help deal with the events unfolding in Washington, DC. In the strongest of terms, violence directed towards anyone or anything is unacceptable PERIOD!

We can accept thoughtful opinions and invite everyone to the table to have productive conversations but we must not allow violence to take root. We must continue to be champions of decency, respect and acceptance. What occurred yesterday was wrong!

Our District Crisis Teams are available to help families and children navigate this National Crisis. If you or your children need to talk, please reach out. We are better than this. We are stronger than this. We will must not support violence in any form.

Points of contact:716-945-2400

  • Sam Dry - Counselor Ext. 7133
  • Mark Reid - Counselor Ext . 5307
  • Elizabeth Newburg - Counselor Ext. 5261
  • Tonia Sibilio - Counselor Ext. 6012
  • Michelle Winship - Counselor Ext. 6013
  • Chanda Grey - Counselor Ext. 6104
  • Christina Morrison - Social Worker Ext. 7151
  • Katie Rogers - Social Worker Ext. 7144
  • Brian Spako - Social Worker Ext. 6017
  • Molly Corsi-Katta - Social Worker Ext. 6015
  • Amee Crowley - Social Worker Ext. 6005


Robert J. Breidenstein

A complete list of resources can be found online