January 22, 2021

Dear Warrior Nation,

I would like to provide an update on our current COVID circumstances and instructional status.    At this moment, 8 employees across the district and one student have tested positive for COVID.   

Approximately, 24 staff members and 34 students are under county quarantine, awaiting test results.   Most individuals in these groups are asymptomatic but some have displayed typical COVID symptoms such headache, aches & pains, fever and fatigue.   No one is currently hospitalized.   

The District will maintain 100% remote instruction through next week Friday, January 29th.   District personnel will work remotely off campus with very limited exceptions to provide food service and delivery of instructional materials as necessary.   Cleaning protocols will be increased.   Finally, any approved club, activity or sport will be paused unless the activity can occur virtually.   We will revisit re-opening early next week as the quarantine period ends for students and staff and we consult with the County Health Department. 

I ask everyone to be vigilant, safe and to tighten your social distancing protocols.