Winter Sports Photos

Winter Sports pictures will be on February 25, 2021 beginning at 2:30pm in the auxiliary gym.  

Athletes will ONLY get their individual photos taken.  A group team photo will be edited to include everyones individual photo.

Photo schedule:

2:30              B-Ball - Boys         Varsity
2:45              B-Ball – Boys        JV
3:00              B-Ball – Boys        Modified           (7th Grade)
3:15               B-Ball – Boys        Modified           (8th Grade)
3:45              B-Ball - Girls         Varsity
4:00              B-Ball - Girls         JV
4:15               B-Ball – Girls         Modified           (7th Grade)
4:30              B-Ball – Girls         Modified           (8th Grade)

Parents can order online by visiting: and using code: CM040029X0