A message from Super Bob

Dear Warrior Nation,

By the time this publication of the PowWow hits the street, the District will have opened Vets Park for use.   This journey has been an incredible experience.  The fruits of the collective labor of our design team, contractors, athletic staff, student athletes and the community are a point of pride.    Vets Park represents the very best of Salamanca and honors our rich traditions and legacy.   On May 4th we will host the official ribbon cutting for Vets Park.   Because of COVID, the ribbon cutting will be by invitation only.  

The walking trail will be open on or about May 5th and 25 new benches will be installed over the next 4-6 weeks.   The District has made the determination to some of the remaining construction funds to purchase and install uniform benches throughout the park.    Several community members have inquired about donating a memorial bench for a loved one, former athlete or to simply contribute to the park.   The District will be accepting requests to honor individuals soon.   The District determined to keep the bench design universal and install similar benches throughout the park, rather than take a piecemeal approach and install the benches over time.   Bench memorials will cover the cost of the “marker, plaque and signage” for each bench and to establish a Veterans Memorial Scholarship fund.

Vets park and the fields will be available for community use, just like all other Salamanca facilities.   The Board of Education is anticipated to approve the Park Use Process on April 20th.  All groups seeking to use the park will be required to complete necessary paperwork, provide proof of insurance, and schedule the event through the District.   A lone exception will be the annual Marvin J Curry Veterans PowWow.   The PowWow event is an integral part of the agreement to operate the park between the District, Seneca Nation and City.  

This progress is possible because of the tremendous support of the Salamanca community.  

Be Well!

Robert J. Breidenstein |