Prospect Terrific Kids

May Kiwanis Terrific Kids

In May, we celebrate our mothers!  So let’s give a shout out to all the Terrific Kids who help out their moms without being asked!

Jetta Jay Weishan from Miss Ottman’s class helps mom so much with her younger sister.  Mom explains that on mornings when her sister is grumpy, Jetta will pack Priya’s favorite blanket for her.  Like a mom Jetta has taken on a protective role of her sister.   Jetta has shown her thoughtfulness on two occasions when she lost her tooth.  She chose to share her tooth fairy money with her little sister.  And speaking of her little sister….Priya Weishan from Ms. Borowiak’s class is described as being very thoughtful since she will often ask if help is needed with the laundry and cleaning!  Mom says she is enthusiastic when it’s time for her school days/her zooms with both her classroom and diversified studies teachers. 

Lyla Duahn from Mrs. Smith’s class is also very attentive to her little sister!  She takes responsibility by completing her chores and is in charge of teaching and playing with her.  She also likes to read and help mom make dinner.  

 Way to go girls! You are great helpers!