Three student winners holding certificates


From October 4th-October 15th our Entrepreneurship students competed in the Fall All-Access Virtual Business Scholarship Challenge sponsored by Knowledge Matters.  In this Virtual Entrepreneurship Challenge entrepreneurship students at SHS competed against students across the country for a chance at winning scholarships:  1st place $3,000, 2nd place $2,000, and 3rd place $500. 

The Knowledge Matters Virtual Entrepreneurship event encouraged our Entrepreneurship students to test their entrepreneurial skills. Participants spotted opportunities, conducted market research, and opened their business. They raised finances, built a team, acquired resources, organized workflow, determined risks, and developed marketing strategies. The students analyzed market data, interpreted financial reports and applied critical thinking and decision making skills in order to make their entrepreneurial venture as successful as possible. They were challenged to earn the highest net worth possible while running the simulation for the specified period of time.

Although SHS did not have any scholarship winners for the national contest, Mrs. Middaugh started a class competition where the winners were awarded $30, $20, and $10.  First place was Quinton Jones, 2nd place was Andy Herrick, and 3rd place was Harley Brown.  When asked what they thought of the Virtual Entrepreneurship competition Quinton said, “I thrive on competition and especially when it comes to competing against other entrepreneurs because that’s also how you get your own business into the industry! Just like a successful business, it takes failed attempts to end up making a successful one.”  Andy stated, “I really enjoyed the competition because it embraced the competitive spirit required to grow and operate a successful business. It also demonstrated that business success comes with rewards.”  Harley commented, “I thought the Virtual Entrepreneurship competition was very beneficial. It helped me to further understand the reality of running a business while working at a pace that was good for me. After continuously running out of money, my business became successful. All the hard work turned into success which also translates to businesses in the real world.”

Quinton and Andy have actually opened up their own business so they are putting their entrepreneurship skills to good use. Quinton says, “The name of our business is Vybe Clothing. Andy and I got started by sitting around one day saying how cool it would be if we became our own boss and then instantly started coming up with ideas until we realized that clothing is a perfect option because everyone likes clothes and we even sell them for a reasonable price! Our website is”

On the pic at the left is Andy Herrick 2nd place winner, in the middle is Quinton Jones 1st place winner, and at the right is Harley Brown 3rd place winner