Cole Hedlund BMSoM


Cole Hedlund has been named the November Business/Marketing Student of the Month due to his hard work during the pandemic and his constant excellence in his work ethic. Cole has impressed his business teachers by always being a responsible person.  In the academic area, we have had the privilege of working with him in an array of Business/Computer Courses. Cole has excelled in the following computer courses: MOUS I JCC CSC 1560 (4 SUNY Credit Course), Career Planning, College and Career Portfolio (3 SUNY Credit Course), Accounting (3 SUNY Credit Course), and Entrepreneurship.   

During The pandemic, while others were using remote learning as an excuse to not to excel, Cole did just the opposite and excelled to the point where he was recognized by all teachers as a stand out in the academic area.  He is reliable and conscientious about turning in professional assignments and projects. Just as important is his character and his ability to work and learn on his own or with little help.  He is a self-determining student who takes so much initiative in learning independently because he “wants to know” more in business courses and computer applications to help him further his future career.

As Cole’s teachers, we could describe him in a few words: ambitious, driven, self-determining learner, creative, reliable, critical thinker, athletic and a person with a strong ethical value.  Fortitude, academic knowledge, and determination make Cole exceptional.  He is a very conscientious student who regards his work as a reflection of himself and gives 100% in everything he does.  Cole’s accolades are not in name only, he directly involves himself in all organizations and everyone one of them have a focus on improving the community and the world in which we live.  Cole participates in Varsity Football, Basketball, Golf and Trap all the while being a leader in every one of them. He is considered one of Salamanca’s Top Athletes in the 2021-2022 sports season.  He has been one of the key players in all these teams for the past few years and is recognized as a Scholar Athlete.  He is exceptional in his work ethic and has excellent leadership skills. 

Cole has excelled scholastically as he has been on the high honor roll for his entire school career.  He is ranked in the Top 10 of his class and never waivers in his goal to stay on top. In addition to his academics and his sports, Cole also works at Ellicottville Brewing Company as a server and waiter to help financially prepare for college.  His goal is to attend Utica College for Physical Therapy. We are excited about Cole’s future and believe he is more than prepared to do whatever he wants to pursue.