Prospect Elementary Building

Good Afternoon Warrior Nation,

The Prospect Elementary Principal, Ms. Pavone, has taken a position in another district and will be leaving Prospect July 1.  We wish her the best!  Over the past few weeks, the Salamanca leadership team has evaluated our current leadership model and in an effort to provide consistency between Prospect Elementary and Seneca Intermediate the district will be piloting a modified leadership model.

Starting July 1, Seneca Principal Mrs. Nikki Beaver will assume the position of Principal of Elementary School Instruction PreK-7.  Her role will be to develop consistency of instructional practices between the two schools.  Working with her will be Mrs. Erin Barrie, current Seneca assistant principal, who will assume the position of Seneca Intermediate Principal (4-7).  Mrs. Kim Oakes, current assistant principal at Prospect, will assume the position of Prospect Principal (PreK-3).  An assistant principal will be shared between the two buildings, that individual will be announced shortly. 

We believe this new model will best serve our youngest students and provide the consistency that is necessary for

We:so’ nya:wëh (Thank You),

Mark Beehler
Deputy Superintendent