College Career Portfolio

On January 20 students in the College and Career Portfolio class were interviewed by community members.  These interviews were the culmination of a half year course.  In this course, students highlight their academic and extracurricular activities for their high school years.  Students also complete an in-depth career research of two different careers as well as preparing employment documentation such as a job application, resume, and letter of application.  This portfolio is online as well as also being a hard copy binder.

Special thanks go to Richard Sandler, General Manager Tamarack Club Holiday Valley; Franco Brady recently retired General Manager for Food and Beverage for Sodexo Food Service for Holiday Valley;  Anne Coe owner of Cupcaked in Ellicottville. Ms. Coe is a Salamanca alumni, and she was interviewed when she was in this class in high school. During the interviews, students were asked questions which the student has to be able to relate to the soft skills competencies which they have shown in their portfolios to have obtained at a competent or accomplished level.  The “soft skill” competencies are:  Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Leadership Skills, Resource & Manage Information Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Independent Learning & Time Management Skills, and Computer Literacy Skills.  Students who can relate the information garnished in their portfolios to the questions asked during the job interview are working toward earning a Certificate of Employability which is through the Niagara Frontier Industry Education Council.