February Terrific Kids at Prospect

February Kiwanis Terrific Kids at Prospect

Kiwanis and Prospect school would like to recognize Clyde Torres from Mrs. Smith’s 2nd grade class and Payton O’Brien form Miss Booth’s Pre-K class as February’s Terrific Kids.  

During the month that emphasizes love, both these students demonstrate a friendly, kind, and caring nature.  Every time Clyde goes to the playground or some social activity he introduces himself and his siblings to potential new friends.  He is very fair and takes suggestions on what to play/do.  He always uses his manners and loves to meet new people.  

Payton is always trying to make others feel happy or feel included.  She doesn’t like to see anyone sad or left out.  She likes to bring treats or toys to share with her class.  At home, she asks to wash dishes often or help with dinner on a daily basis.  Keep spreading the love Clyde and Payton!  You are making a difference!

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